Besins Healthcare Opens Pharma Plant in Yaroslavl Region

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Besins Healthcare has opened a plant for manufacturing micronized progesterone in a ceremony in the Novoselki industrial park in the Yaroslavl region.

Importantly, the plant employs local residents only. The company is planning to expand production and to start exporting products,

the company’s owner Antoine Besins said.

Investment in the project amounted to over 700 million rubles.

Construction was finished in December 2018. A validation batch was put out in February 2019. Commercial production is to begin in the second half of 2019.

The plant has been built very quickly, Yaroslavl Region Governor Dmitry Mironov said at the dedication ceremony.

The Yaroslavl pharmaceutical cluster ranks among the most successful projects. Investment in the pharma cluster exceeds 27 billion rubles and its resident companies employ more than 1,200 personnel. I am convinced that the plant will work successfully for the benefit of patients in Russia and abroad,

Mironov said.

The plant is capable of manufacturing more than 10 million packages of micronized progesterone, annually. Its capacities are sufficient to meet the needs of the Russian market and of the Eurasian Economic Community’s member-countries in the future.

Besins in turn said that the Russian market ranks among the world’s three most promising markets and that his company was doing all it could to work effectively in Russia.

As the Russian government is laying special emphasis on the localization of industrial production and services, and on broader accessibility of quality pharmaceutical products, we deem it important to transfer our unique technology to Russia and to launch the full-cycle production of original bio-identical micronized progesterone. Yaroslavl has been selected as a region that has a pharmaceutical cluster and can offer good terms to investors,

Besins said.

Micronized progesterone is a complete analogue of the female sex hormone progesterone widely used in gynecology and obstetrics. It is on the list of vital and essential medications

Besins Healthcare is an international pharmaceutical company manufacturing innovative drugs for women’s and men’s health. Since it was founded in 1885 it has been run by the Besins family. The company’s plants and research centers are located in Europe, in the United States, in Southeast Asia and in Russia. Its drugs are sold in 150 countries. Besins Healthcare is headquartered in Monaco.

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