Abbott Announced New Data on Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology

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Abbott announced new data showing use of its FreeStyle Libre system, the company’s revolutionary continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, significantly reduced hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels for people living with Type 2 diabetes on intensive insulin therapy. The results were analyzed from retrospective, real-world data in three countries across Europe and presented as a late-breaker (Abstract 99-LB) at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 79th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco.

The goal of the combined analysis of three individual studies was to determine the impact of using the FreeStyle Libre system on glycemic control in people on intensive insulin therapy living with Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes where the body is unable to make enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels normal. Researchers evaluated deidentified records of 363 individuals across FranceGermany and Austria, assessing their HbA1c levels over three to six months in people averaging about 63 years in age who use insulin multiple times a day for an average of more than eight years.

The results – which represent the first time researchers evaluated real-world data specifically from people with Type 2 diabetes who use the FreeStyle Libre system – showed lower HbA1c levels with the use of Abbott’s technology after at least three months of use. The nearly 1% drop (-0.9% or -9.7 mmol/mol) in HbA1c represents a significant reduction of glucose levels toward the ADA’s recommended A1c goal of 7% for adults with diabetes (not including women who are pregnant).

Other notable findings showed:

  • Average HbA1c was 8.9% (73.3 mmol/mol) prior to FreeStyle Libre system use and 8.0% (63.6 mmol/mol) following use of the technology.
  • There were no differences detected based on age group, gender, body mass index or duration of insulin use, indicating the findings apply to the broad population of people with Type 2 diabetes and not just a particular subset.

“These real-world findings highlight how Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system can fundamentally change how people manage their diabetes, especially for people living with Type 2 diabetes,”

said Helene Hanaire, M.D., University Hospital Center of Toulouse in Toulouse, France, and one of the lead authors of the study.

“By using the real-time results, trends and patterns from the technology right at their fingertips, people with diabetes are becoming more actively engaged in making better decisions to control their glucose levels and improve their own health.”