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Russian manufacturer of drugs and cosmetics, WERTEKS, connects long-term successful cooperation with Chinese partners – the largest suppliers of active pharmaceutical substances and excipients. In particular, thanks to it, for almost 16 years from obtaining the first license for production, the company has increased its competence in the domestic market and the markets of some countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and created a competitive portfolio in demand. It mainly includes original combined drugs, a lot of generics and cosmetics of own brands – more than 250 items (SKU). Therefore, today WERTEKS is ready to consider options for expanding the market and finding reliable partners in China to offer its medicinal, cosmetic products and biologically active additives to Chinese citizens. A number of cosmetics for skin, hair and oral cavity produced by the company is also intended for children.

Objectively, in the last few years, the Asian market and its main representative in East Asia, China, is attractive for Russian exporters and investors due to its economic growth, advanced technologies, market volume and rapid development.

PRC and pharmaceutical company WERTEKS have a similar view on the attitude to economic development. We also strive to match an active growth strategy and therefore are on the same wave length with potential Chinese partners. Despite the differences in culture, traditions, mentality, and some of the complexities of verbal communication, I hope we can find a common language – the language of business,

comments Georgy PobelyanskiyCEO of pharmaceutical company WERTEKS.

Since 2015, WERTEKS has been the leader in terms of growth among all the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia in terms of sales in pharmacies, and by the end of 2018, it was recognized as the fastest growing company among the largest domestic producers of medicines in pharmacy retail (data from the leading specialized marketing Agency in the Russian Federation DSM  Group). Since 2015, the annual growth of the company is up to 30%, if we assess the dynamics of revenue.


The company’s portfolio is a balanced combination of innovative products, modern popular generics and commercially successful cosmetic brands. WERTEKS is in the top-3 Russian manufacturers of cosmetics and top-7 Russian manufacturers of medicines by the share
of sales in pharmacies of the Russian Federation, according to the analytical Agency DSM Group retail prices in 2018. In 2018, WERTEKS brought to market two new original combined medicines for use in otorhinolaryngology (over-the-counter spray FRINOZOL (rus. – ФРИНОЗОЛ®)) and cardiology (KONSILAR®-D24), which has no analogues. Thus, there are already four innovative products in the company’s portfolio: the first is for use in gynecology and dermatovenerology ELGINA (rus. – ЭЛЬЖИНА®) appeared in 2016, the second, for use in dermatology Tetraderm (rus. – ТЕТРАДЕРМ®), in 2017. The development of such drugs requires up to 8-10 years of research and significant  investments.

Branded medicines and generics pharmaceutical companies cover about 20 areas of application from cardiology to neurology.

The main types of dosage forms:

  • Solid – tablets, capsules, powders
  • Semisolid – creams, gels, ointments
  • Liquid – non-sterile solutions, sprays

Also, the company has five own brands with the main cosmetic range:

  • ALERANA® for stimulating growth and preventing hair loss, as well as their strengthening and improvement (in addition to cosmetics, there are two drugs and one dietary supplement in the line);
  • LA-KRY® is a series of anti-inflammatory non-hormonal products based on natural ingredients for hair and skin care, prone to dryness, redness, irritation and itching (permitted for children use as well);
  • ACEPTA (rus. – АСЕПТА®) – product for the oral cavity, including: for the prevention of inflammatory periodontal diseases and oral care with proven efficacy, probiotic complexes (BAA), as well as products for children;
  • GINOKOMFORT® – intimate gel for women;
  • Normaven® – venotonic remedies.

In total, the brands include about 60 types of cosmetics, their types: shampoos, creams, gels, emulsions, toothpastes, mouthwash, lip balms, etc.

In 2019, it is planned to include more than 50 new products in the range, including medicines for use in neurology, cardiology, allergology, cosmetic products, etc.


The most large-scale industrial and investment project of the company is an innovation and production complex in the St. Petersburg Special Economic Zone, Novoorlovskaya Site. The first stage of the plant was opened in 2015. The total floor area of approximately 22,000 m2 with a potential capacity of approximately 100 million packages of products per year. Since 2018, the implementation of projects of the second and third phases of the pharmaceutical complex began. In the spring of 2019, WERTEKS began operation of the second stage building, launching a new warehouse, which occupies the prevailing part of the new facility. The built warehouses allowed doubling the storage volume of the entire plant. It is also planned to place research laboratories in the building. The total area of the four-storey building with a technical floor is about 7,300 m2.

The third stage is the production building with a total area of more than 28,000 m2. At the new facilities of the third stage, it is planned to place the production of solid and semisolid dosage forms and cosmetics. At the moment, the works on closing the perimeter of the building (construction of frames, facades, floors, etc.) have been completed, as well as 50% of the work on the arrangement inside the object and the main equipment of the clean premises of the site for the production of dosage forms.

Taking into account the three phases, the total area of the pharmaceutical complex will be about 58,000 m2. The design capacity of the third stage is about 110 million packages of products per year, thus, the expected increase in the volume of production of the entire  pharmaceutical complex is more than twice. The potential production volume of the plant, taking into account the three stages, is further estimated at more than 200 million packages per year. The construction and operation of the three phases will require the total investment in the project at more than 7 billion rubles by the end of 2019, at the moment it reaches 6.47 billion rubles.

company site: vertex.spb.ru
general e-mail address: vertex@vertex.spb.ru

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