Russia in Risk of Drug Shortage

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The existing sanctions regime against Russia may lead to the shortage of drugs in the local market over the next several years, according to recent statements by analysts of the Russian Ministry of Health and some local experts in the field of pharmaceuticals.

According to these experts, due to sanctions, the number of applications submitted by Western drug producers to the Russian Federal Patent Service (Rospatent) and other regulatory bodies for the registration of their inventions, particularly drugs, has significantly declined in recent years.

This is reflected by the official statistics of the Russian Federal Customs Service, according to which drug imports from the USA and the European Union to Russia continued to decline this year, compared to the same period for the beginning of 2018.

Expecting more US sanctions

In the meantime, the current situation is also complicated by the ongoing consideration of a next package of sanctions against Russia by the USA, which may lead to a further reduction of drug imports by Russia at least from this country. That will be a bad news for the Russian government as, so far, the USA has been on the list of major drug importers for Russia.

Overall, at present more than 50% of patents for drugs available in the Russian market is owned by global drugmakers, which means Russia continues to be heavily dependent on its supplies of drugs from abroad and foreign drugmakers.

In order to compensate for a potential shortage of drugs in the domestic market the Russian government had recently made amendments to the domestic Civil Code in regard to an issuance of a compulsory license to a Russian enterprise for the production of sanctioned goods, which also apply to drugs.

SOURCE: the pharma letter
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