Biokhimik Received Certificate for First Russian Generic Doripenem

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JSC “Biokhimik”, the leader in the production of antibiotics in the Russian Federation received a registration certificate for the production of the generic Doripenem – the first in the country. This is an indicator of Biochimik’s innovative development, which registered ten more antibiotics during last nine months. In 2019, company’s 17 more antibiotics will receive registration documents.

All registered antimicrobials have a wide spectrum of action. For example, Levofloxacin, Moxifloxacin, which is included in the list of VED (Vital and Essential Drugs), Azithromycin, Linezolid – are used for infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, infections of the skin and soft tissues, urinary tract and kidneys treatment.

Commenting on the “Biokhimik” breakthrough, experts emphasize the importance of some medical aspects. For example, Anna Evdokimova, Professor of the Department of Internal Diseases, Faculty of Dentistry, Moscow State Medical University, said:

“When resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to modern antibiotics increases, on the one hand, and in situation of a high prevalence of nosocomial infections, on the other hand, clinicians have a high need for using nosologically correct, effective and least toxic drugs persistent bactericidal action. One of the most popular classes of antibiotics are carbapenems that are active against most gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, including multiresistant bacteria. Due to its pharmacological profile, efficacy and safety, Doripenem occupies the most important place among this drug group. It is used to treat nosocomial pneumonia, complicated intra-abdominal infections, infections of the urinary system. The use of this antibiotic is sometimes limited due to the high cost of treatment. We hope that the development of Russian Doripenem will help make effective therapy more accessible and will contribute to an increase in the life expectancy of Russia’s population.”

“Biokhimik’s” innovative projects ensure the implementation of the strategy of the President of the Russian Federation on import substitution and increasing the Russia’s export potential.

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