Servier Launched the Production of a Drug for the Treatment of HIV infection

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On April 25, the first production line of an innovative drug for the treatment of HIV infection in Russia was launched at the Servier pharmaceutical plant in Moscow.

Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow, took part in the official ceremony. The launch of the new line involves the production of a complete cycle of the finished dosage form – the drug Dolutegravir – for the treatment of HIV infection.

“This is not the first Russian-produced drug to treat HIV. For us, this is a signal that Moscow provides optimal conditions for doing business, launching new production lines. In particular, due to the status of the industrial complex, the company Servier RUS received a number of benefits, which, in turn, allowed it to invest about 130 million rubles in the production of a new vital product,”

said the deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property land relations Vladimir Efimov.

“The privileges that Servier RUS received since 2016 have allowed the company to save about 31 million rubles,”

explained Alexander Prokhorov.

According to him, today there are 6 industrial complexes located in Moscow region, as well as 9 research organizations. The industry employs 10.5 thousand people.

“The total volume of goods shipped in 2018 amounted to 115.4 billion rubles. Last year, the amount of fixed investments of pharmaceutical companies reached 3.8 billion rubles,”

said the head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy.

The agreement on Dolutegravir roduciton was signed for 5 years and provides for a flexible production plan, which will fully satisfy the need for this drug in Russian Federation.

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