PopsiCube Opens Strategic Russian Affiliate

| By | PopsiCube, Russian Pharma

CRO PopsiCube opens strategic Russian affiliate to further its international expansion of clinical trial management and digital services.

PopsiCube, the digital Clinical Research Organization, provides its pharmaceutical and health company sponsors with expertise in both clinical trial management and in digital services. To be able to best support the growing demands of our worldwide customers, PopsiCube has decided to open a new affiliate in the Republic of Russia.

The new company, PopsiCube Rus ooo, is based in Moscow. With this location, we also benefit from the presence of leading academic and research institutions in the Republic of Russia. It will allow us to support our growth objectives by establishing close relationships with our customers and by providing them with local, highly experienced management support for their projects.

“We are extremely excited by the creation of our Russian affiliate”

commented Fabrice Beauchêne, PopsiCube Founder and Chairman,

“Popsi Cube is experiencing a large growth (+62%) as the demand for our services and solutions is expanding rapidly within the health industry. We are committed to providing our sponsors with the highest level of service and we believe that proximity and internationalization is a critical element of our support. It will also allow us to more easily capitalize upon the large business opportunity represented by the Eurasian market.”