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Clarivate Analytics, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, announced the launch of its annual “Cortellis Drugs to Watch” report. The analysis identified seven new drugs forecasted to achieve annual sales of $1 billion or more (i.e., blockbuster status) by 2023 using data and analytics from Cortellis, the company’s suite of life science intelligence solutions. Additionally, the report highlights the impact of strategies and incentives put in place by global regulatory bodies to encourage the focus of drug development on niche markets and unmet medical needs.

The drugs forecasted to launch in 2019 are described in the Appendix below and dominated by immune-related and genetic disorders including: spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), and peanut allergy. This indicates a shift toward blockbuster-potential drugs targeting niche patient populations, buoyed by strong collaborations between big and specialty pharma companies to develop these therapies. Analysis also suggests the drugs highlighted in the report face a variety of market scenarios ranging from a first in class therapy with no competitors (AR-101 for peanut allergy), to having a single strong opponent (Zolgensma for SMA), to launching into a crowded market (Upadacitinib for RA), with each strategy having its own strengths and weaknesses. For the full list of drugs and their sales projections, please see the link provided below.

This year’s Drug to Watch report demonstrates the impact of regulators’ incentives, including accelerated reviews and tax breaks, on drug development that targets rare diseases. It’s extremely encouraging to see how these incentives, along with discovery breakthroughs and new R&D approaches, are positively impacting patients in under-served populations. What’s more, these novel treatments demonstrate the power of collaboration across the industry, which ultimately accelerates innovation,

explained Mukhtar Ahmed,
President of Life Sciences at Clarivate Analytics.

Projections in the Cortellis Drugs to Watch 2019 report were determined using data and analytics in Cortellis, which curates the broadest and deepest sources of intelligence, including 70,000+ pipeline products, 325,000+ clinical trials, 91,000+ deals, and 165,000 company profiles. For the first time, Cortellis Drugs to Watch forecasts include insights from Cortellis Analytics – Drug Timeline & Success Rates (DTSR), a predictive analytics tool that improves the accuracy of pipeline forecasts vs. traditional methods by 25%.

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