Anatomika Opens New Production of Components for Implants

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Russian company Anatomika, which previously specialized in the supply of medical products, launched its own production of components for implants made of titanium alloy and medical stainless steel. To implement her import-substituting project, she used borrowed funds in the amount of 60 million rubles.

The quick launch of the project was announced last year. Financing was provided by the Industry Development Fund of the Russian Federation and the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan (42.1 million rubles and 18.1 million rubles, respectively), and the total amount of investments in new production was 95.2 million rubles.

Production of component metal implants for the connection of bones, in particular, screws, plates and rods, has now been established. It is assumed that hospitals will independently assemble them to obtain implants of the desired configuration, the production of ready-made kits is the next stage in the development of the enterprise.

The capacity of the complex will allow producing up to 98 thousand units of products per year. In five years, total sales should grow to the level of 300 million rubles. At the same time, the market capacity of the Volga Federal District Anatomika estimates at a level of just over 700 million rubles.

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