Teva to Launch Generis of Novo Nordisk Non-Insulin Med

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Novo Nordisk today announced that a settlement between Novo Nordisk and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. (Teva) has been reached on the US patent litigation case for Victoza® (liraglutide). Consequently, Teva is licensed to launch a generic version of Victoza® as of 22 December 2023.

Under certain circumstances Teva could launch a generic version of Victoza® earlier, but not before 22 March 2023, unless the Victoza® patents are no longer in force or there is another generic version of Victoza® on the market. If Novo Nordisk is granted six months paediatric extension for Victoza®, all above-mentioned timelines will be extended by six months. All other terms of the agreement are confidential.

The agreement is subject to review by the US Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice.

This settlement reflects the comprehensive US patent portfolio for liraglutide. Novo Nordisk will continue to defend our broad intellectual property portfolio for innovative drugs against challenges,

said Jesper Brandgaard, executive vice president
and head of Biopharm and Legal Affairs of Novo Nordisk.

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