Nemus and Noramco for Manufacturing of CBD Analog

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Nemus Bioscience, Inc., focused on the development of cannabinoid-based therapeutics to address global medical indications, especially those of unmet medical need, announced an agreement with Noramco, Inc. (Noramco) for the manufacturing and scale-up of Nemus’ proprietary analog of cannabidiol (CBD) licensed from the University of Mississippi. Noramco is a recognized, global producer and provider of controlled substances, including cannabinoids, to the pharmaceutical industry.

Unlike a prodrug which must be metabolized into the active drug form, an analog has its own intrinsic pharmaceutical activity. Early animal studies of the analog, cannabidiol-valine-hemisuccinate (CBDVHS), have demonstrated improved bioavailability when compared to CBD, based on chemical modifications to the molecule utilizing amide ester bioengineering developed at the University of Mississippi. These attributes, including cannabinoid-based neuroprotection, could be especially important in ocular diseases, where penetrance into the posterior chamber of the eye could potentially expand therapeutic options into diseases of the retina, like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Noramco is looking forward to working with Nemus and helping to advance the unique analog CBDVHS through process development and cGMP manufacturing,

commented Bill Grubb, Chief Innovation Officer
and Vice-President of Global Business Development.

Contracting with Noramco signals the launch of the CBD-analog program to advance this candidate molecule into pre-clinical development, with a near-term goal to conduct clinical trials to address diseases of the eye. Noramco has particular expertise in working with cannabidiol and CBD-derivatives, making them a strategic part of the CBDVHS development plan,

noted Brian Murphy,
M.D., CEO-CMO of Nemus.

SOURCE: Nemus Bioscience
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