Abpro and NJCTTQ in Immuno-Oncology Collaboration

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Collaboration to result in multiple new immuno-oncology bispecific therapeutic programs leveraging Abpro’s proprietary DiversImmuneTM antibody discovery platform for T-cell engagement.

Abpro, a biotechnology company dedicated to developing next-generation antibody therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with severe and lifethreatening diseases, and NJCTTQ, a global pharmaceutical company, announced that they have entered into an agreement to develop multiple novel bispecific antibody therapies in immuno-oncology, including best-in-class T-cell engagers. The collaboration leverages Abpro’s proprietary DiversImmuneTM antibody discovery platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, Abpro is eligible to receive up to $4 billion, including $60 million in near-term R&D funding, plus potential milestones and royalties. Abpro will retain all commercial rights for any approved molecules in geographies outside of China and Thailand, while NJCTTQ will retain rights in China. Abpro and NJCTTQ will collaborate globally to pursue pre-clinical and clinical development efforts and, ultimately, commercialization.

This collaboration further validates our platform’s unique ability to develop best-in-class bispecific T-cell engagers, with significant potential to treat patients living with cancer. NJCTTQ has substantial clinical development and commercialization expertise that is highly complementary to our immunooncology development platforms as we focus on broadening our pipeline and expanding our ability to treat more patients globally. Our ex-China commercial rights have the potential to generate significant long-term value for our company. We intend to pursue additional similar development collaborations that leverage our innovative technology platforms and programs that include commercial rights in key global markets,

said Ian Chan, executive chairman and co-founder of Abpro.

Abpro develops therapeutic candidates for immuno-oncology using two proprietary platforms – DiversImmune™ and MultimabTM. To date, the DiversImmune™ platform has generated antibodies for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies against more than 300 unique targets. Abpro’s MultimabTM bispecific platform then enables the assembly of these antibodies into a variety of bi- and multi-specific antibody formats, tailored to each program. Abpro has leveraged the DiversImmune™ and MultimabTM platforms to develop a pipeline of seven novel immuno-oncology therapeutic candidates, including best-in-class T-cell engagers, as well as programs in ophthalmology and autoimmunity.

This agreement is representative of NJCTTQ’s culture of innovation. Abpro brings deep scientific experience and technical expertise around bispecific antibody development and T-cell engagement to this partnership. We are delighted to be collaborating to pursue and advance exciting and novel therapies for patients,

said Chunxia Zhu, vice general manager of NJCTTQ.

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