Validair Expands Securing £150k in Funding


Validair Monitoring Solutions Limited has secured over £150k in funding from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund. The investment will support the company’s growth across the UK due to escalating demand for its state-of-the-art, market leading critical environmental monitoring systems and equipment.

With UK scientific research foremost in the world, the company is capitalising on the increasing demand for its array of advanced industrial-grade monitoring technologies and solutions. Validair is a Gold Standard channel partner in the UK for TSI, the leading global supplier of particle counters and monitoring software. The Validair Group of Companies has a wealth of cleanroom and contamination control expertise, which also includes cleanroom validation, testing and certification.

Validair is already highly regarded in its core markets across the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. Now we are driving Validair’s expansion into sectors that increasingly recognise the positive impact of cleanrooms and precision contamination control in research, production and product testing facilities

explains Validair Managing Director, Steve Wake,
a chartered engineer with incomparable cleanroom design
and construction experience throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

With the assistance of new funding, Validair’s growth targets include bringing in new employees to increase its team and support new market applications in automotive, aerospace and optics manufacturing. Wake and his team see cleanrooms and contamination control environments proliferating over the next five years, along with the requirement for associated critical environmental monitoring expertise and technology.

In regulated industries such as bio-tech, medical devices, food production and pharma, environmental monitoring and compliance are mandated. Some newer applications less so. But we see manufacturers in commercial marketplaces looking to drive-up their process quality to add value and a competitive advantage to their products. As a turnkey solutions provider, we are in the ideal position to help them deliver that value

says Wake.