Speeding Up Implementation of Drug Marking in Russia

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Simplification of the printing technology of the drug labeling code, including its length shortening may speed up implementation of the drug labeling in Russia, reports the press service of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CDAT) – an operator of all pilot projects on labeling.

During the discussion with the sector the CDAT operator supported the initiative of the sector’s leaders, namely Pharmstandard, to speed up implementation of the drug labeling system through simplification of the code printing technology, in particular through reduction in the number of characters in it.

Herewith, this initiative does not apply to the production of high-cost drugs included into the state program “12 High-Cost Nosologies”.

According to the data of the press service of CDAT, this will help launch the process of drug labeling in Russia more quickly and without readjustment of the existing equipment.

In some cases of testing at production site additional calibration of the equipment is required to increase the printing density of the code. This process also takes some additional time, yet according to the law all manufacturers must switch over to mandatory drug labeling in January 2020, and distributors and pharmacy chains must ensure the flow and sale of labeled drugs.

Together with the sector CDAT initiates introduction of these amendments to the guidelines of the current experiment. So, this initiative guarantees that the sector will be able to fulfill the legal requirements and ensure labeling of the drugs within the time period set by the Russian Government.

Crypto code is additional symbols in the Data Matrix code applied on the product package. It is centrally generated by the operator using national cryptograph technologies and prevents appearance of “twins” or re-entry of the products into the market.

CDAT is a Russian operator of all pilot projects on labeling of drugs, tobacco products, and footwear.

SOURCE: Pharmstandard
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