Russian Scientists Developed Cancer Drug

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Russian scientists have developed a new drug for the treatment of cancer, which is comparable to the drug whose creators were awarded the Nobel Prize last year, and its certification is expected to take place in 2019, a Russian researcher told.

We are now waiting for the release of the drug from the same series as the drug, for which the Nobel Prize was given. However, this new drug was made in Russia, and is not just an analogue — it is from another generation of drugs.

Alexey Novik, a senior researcher
at the department of oncoimmunology of Russia’s
N.N. Petrov National Medical Research Center of Oncology.

The scientist added that the drug was expected to be certified in 2019.

The development of the new Russian drug, according to the researcher, will increase the affordability of treatment in the country, since the price for new foreign drugs is very high.

SOURCE: New Vision
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