Rafarma Launched Two New Oncology Products

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At the beginning of 2019, Rafarma JSC launched the first anticancer drugs Rozustin® (INN Bendamustin) and Pemelan® (INN Pemetrexed) in its own portfolio. Rosustin® for leukemia treatment has become the first analogue of the original imported drug.

Production plant in Terbuny village, Lipetsk Region is one of the few in Russia capable of production of sterile forms of cytostatics. Vladimir Ilyushin, General Manager of Rafarma JSC, emphasized that merging with production segment of PROTEK Group in 2017, Rafarma has been delivering on potential of production capacities.

The work on transfer of oncology products started immediately, and in the middle of 2018 two anticancer drugs were already being produced at the plant on a contract basis,

said Vladimir Ilyushin.

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