G-CON Delievered New PCMM POD for Pfizer

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G-CON Manufacturing, the leader in prefabricated, flexible cleanroom solutions, announced that it has delivered to Pfizer Inc. a new Portable, Continuous, Miniature, and Modular (PCMM) POD with tablet coating capability to Pfizer’s POD-based Oral Solid Dosage facility in Groton, Connecticut. The new POD integrates GEA’s leading-edge ConsiGma™ Continuous Tablet Coater equipment.

The new POD is approximately 700 square feet and was built in two subPOD units. It was installed and connected to the existing PCMM PODs within a week by the G-CON team. Prior to delivery and installation, the GEA process equipment was installed and tested in the POD at G-CON’s manufacturing facility in College Station, Texas, further reducing the time and complexity of installation at the Pfizer site and minimizing operational downtime. The POD includes a film coating process area, integrated technical space for the G-CON and GEA mechanical systems, and dedicated airlocks for personnel and material. It has the capability for continuous integrated operation with the current OSD line or independent and segregated film coating operations.

The latest POD installation at Pfizer continues to demonstrate the value and benefits that a pre-fabricated modular approach can provide with regard to speed and flexibility,” said Dennis Powers, Vice President of Business Development & Sales Engineering at G-CON Manufacturing. “The G-CON team is extremely proud of this PCMM milestone achievement.”

Expanding our PCMM facility with this new POD from G-CON is a testament to our commitment to establishing innovative, industry-leading manufacturing capabilities, which could have a powerful impact on our ability to more quickly and easily produce medicines for patients in need,

said John Burkhardt,
Senior Vice President,
Head of Global Drug Safety Research
and Development, and Groton Site Head, Pfizer.