Cellect Scaled Up Manufacturing of FasL

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Cellect Biotechnology, a developer of a novel stem cell production technology, today announced it has concluded the scale-up development and manufacturing of clinical grade FasL in collaboration with its outsourced supplier. Based on its process and the results of the ongoing clinical trial, the Company has scaled up manufacturing of FasL for hundreds of personal batches fully scalable to hundreds of thousands of batches for clinical and collaborative purposes. The Company expects to form an alliance of clinical and commercial cell therapy centers using the ApoGraft™ technology.

The FasL protein is central to Cellect’s technology of cell separation and functional selection of stem cells and is the key active ingredient in Cellect’s ApoGraft™ and Apotainer product lines. Cellect’s FasL based technology is intended to enable achieving stem cells for any indication in quality, quantity and at a competitive price; and is expected to improve the safety and efficacy of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Shai Yarkoni, Cellect CEO comments: “The proven scalability of our clinical grade production of FasL is a major step forward and opens the door for multiple global clinical activities and collaborations, as well as supporting our existing and planned global partners. This is an important milestone to becoming the standard enabling technology for the enrichment of stem cells and manufacturing of any adult stem cell-based products for companies developing stem cell therapies and for researchers and academia engaged in adult stem cell research. We are committed to enabling a multi-billion global market over the next five years while positioning Cellect towards potentially meeting commercial demand for millions of patients worldwide in need of stem cell therapy, as well as providing raw materials for stem cell research centers and the biobanking industry.”

SOURCE: BioSpace
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