AstraZeneca and Aptamer Group to Develop Targeted Kidney Delivery


Biotechnology company Aptamer Group is collaborating with AstraZeneca to develop drug delivery devices targeting the kidney.

The two-year project will see AstraZeneca exploring the use of aptamer technology for targeted delivery of the kidney.

Aptamers are emerging as promising therapeutic agents. They are peptide molecules that can bind to a specific target molecule. They can fold into distinct secondary or tertiary structures and are able to be attached to a variety of therapeutic compounds for targeted drug delivery.

AstraZeneca will use Aptamer Group’s proprietary technology to explore the potential of developing novel drug delivery devices called Aptamer Drug Conjugates (ApDCs).

The project hopes to use ApDCs to enable targeted drug delivery to the kidney.

Arron Tolley, CEO of Aptamer Group said “We are really excited about this collaboration with AstraZeneca. We believe that our platform technology could be transformational in the development of drug delivery vehicles. By working with AstraZeneca, we can explore the potential of these new modalities in the early-stage drug development process”.

Regina Fritsche Danielson, vice president and head of CVRM, IMED Biotech Unit, AstraZeneca, said: “Targeted kidney delivery of oligonucleotides has remained a challenging task for several years. Through this collaboration, we hope to make a breakthrough in kidney targeting by combining The Aptamer Group’s capabilities in aptamer research with AstraZeneca’s leadership and expertise in kidney physiology and oligonucleotide conjugation”.