Evotec sets up a drug discovery alliance with LEO Pharma

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Evotec AG (Germany) announced a new integrated drug discovery alliance with LEO Pharma (Denmark), a global leader in medical dermatology.

The collaboration goal is to generate new leads against innovative targets for a range of dermatological conditions and initially runs for two years.

The collaboration leverages Evotec’s industry-leading hit identification platform including the extensive screening, structural biology and fragment-based drug design capabilities and expertise together with LEO Pharma’s 110-year track record of drug development and advancing science in dermatology.

Evotec’s integrated discovery scientists will work in a joint team with scientists from LEO Pharma. The alliance will receive further support with high-value drug development and discovery ADME-Tox services.

Headquartered in Denmark, Leo Pharma is a leader in medical dermatology with a robust R&D pipeline and a wide range of therapies. The company has devoted decades of research and development to advance the science of dermatology, setting new standards of care for people with skin conditions. Leo Pharma was founded in 1908 and owned by the LEO Foundation.

SOURCE: evotec
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