FAS Russia uncovered a new cartel in public drug procurement

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The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation opened the case based on the monitoring of public drug and medical products procurement.

‘Axonmed’ Ltd., ‘Device’ Ltd., ‘InterMed’ Ltd., ‘Lotos’ Ltd. and ‘Satori’ Ltd. are suspected of concluding and implementing an anticompetitive agreement, the purpose of which was maintaining prices at e-auctions for supplying tools, equipment, expendables and other medical products for the needs of public and municipal health care institutions.

The auctions took place in 2015-2016 in 8 regions of the Russian Federation and demonstrated the minimum price reduction of the initial contract price.

Andrey Tenishev, Head of FAS Russia Anti-Cartel Department, commented:

“Under the frame of pursuing the orders of the President of the Russian Federation, FAS actively monitors public procurement of medicinal drugs and medical products in order to decartelize this sector. In particular, anew cartel of medical products suppliers that maintained high prices at auctions is exposed.”

SOURCE: fas russia
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