PharmaBlock Sciences acquires a GMP manufacturing facility in China

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PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing, China), a leading innovative chemistry product and service provider throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process, announced that it has acquired a GMP compliant manufacturing facility in China from Porton Pharma Solutions.

The 133,400 sq m site, located in a State-level chemical industry park in Shangyu, Zhejiang Provinc, has been operating as a multi-purpose GMP compliant facility since December 2015.

Assets include reactors from 300L to 6300L, with more than 180m3 of combined reactor volume. The facility is well equipped to practice a wide range of chemistry synthesis and enabling technologies. It has delivered 100+ non-GMP and GMP intermediates from Phase I to commercial, with production over 150 MT since January 2016.

PharmaBlock has a well-established base of novel building blocks design and synthesis for small molecule drugs R&D. As many of its 41,000 building blocks have been applied in clinical stages, the demand quantities of the building blocks and advanced intermediates keep increasing from grams to kilograms to metric tons. In 2016, PharmaBlock acquired Shangdong Diai Biotechnology Ltd. as its first pilot plant and manufacturing site.

Obviously, the rising demand is close to outstripping supply. It is reported in the company’s semi-annual report, that the half year revenue in 2018 surged 72.83% to $31.94 million. The growth is largely contributed by the increasing development and manufacturing projects. In addition to the investment in manufacturing capacity, PharmaBlock has been continuously strengthening its capabilities in process R&D and improving quality system to better serve customers’ need.

Officially operated in 2008, PharmaBlock has rapidly gained recognition for its outstanding capability in the design, synthesis, and supply of novel building blocks for drug discovery use. With more drug R&D projects adopting the company’s products advance from discovery to preclinical and clinical research, even into commercialization, PharmaBlock moved on to build up top notch process R&D capabilities, and is providing scale-up synthesis and manufacturing of key intermediates/RSMs.

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