Noramco boosts its cannabinoid production capabilities

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Noramco, a leader in controlled substances and cannabinoids, is adding commercial-scale capacity of dronabinol (THC) at its Athens, Georgia (USA) facility.

The expansion comes in response to rising demand for its highly pure cannabidiol (CBD) and dronabinol (THC) analogs of cannabis sativa. Following implementation, Noramco will supply both THC and CBD from facilities in the USA and Europe.

Clinical samples will be available from the Athens site in 2018, with commercial production commencing in the first quarter of 2019. Both dronabinol in oil and dronabinol in ethanol are available in Athens. Previously, the company produced these products only in Europe.

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware (USA), Noramco, as a leader in analogs of cannabis sativa designated for use in regulated pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, offers 32 cannabinoid ingredients, degradants, metabolites, or analytical reference standards. The company has more than a decade of expertise in pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids, with major milestones in highly pure production processes beginning in 2007.

Within the last 12 months, Noramco has entered into a series of supply contracts with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the world that require highly pure cannabinoids in order to advance therapies through the regulatory approval process, and move to commercial production. These include companies working on therapies with indications such as anti-emetic, sleep disorder, heart wellness, and others.

SOURCE: noramco
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