There are no restrictions for development and production of medicines in Russia

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Rostec

The shares of imported and domestic drugs on the Russian pharmaceutical market should become equal by 2020. In addition, in ten more years, by 2030, the enterprises of the Russian defense industry should have at least 50 percent of their production to be civilian products, including medicines and medical equipment.

The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, brought these two strategic goals together.

According to the Minister, enterprises of  Rostec State Corporation produce about 30 percent of civilian production already. Manturov stressed that more than ten holdings under the management of this state corporation “are engaged in production and supply of different volumes of medicines, equipment and products. This is a wide diversification.”

For Russia as a whole, the percentage of civilian products produced by defense industry enterprises is slightly more than 18 percent, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade specified. However “considering the momentum gathered,” he assured the journalists, it is possible to reach the goal “fifty-fifty” by 2030.

As for Russia’s pharmaceutical market, the share of Russian-made drugs in a year or a year and a half should “come as close as possible to the figure of 50 percent.” According to the estimates of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the drugs that completed registration in 2017 and will complete it in 2018-2019 would provide a significant increase in the sales volumes of Russian companies on the domestic market.

“Today we have already reached a share of 30 percent with an annual increase in the pharmaceutical market in Russia,” Denis Manturov said. “We started in 2007 with 30 billion rubles, today it is more than a trillion.”

In considering this issue further, the Minister noted that there are no artificial restrictions and barriers for the development and production of medicines in Russia – neither for Russian companies, nor for foreign ones, if they provide certain localization in our country, and even more, the development and production of a full cycle.

“We see great interest of both Russian and foreign companies in the development of this sector of industry,” concluded Denis Manturov.