Sechenov University established a new scientific club

| By | Educational Projects, Sechenov University

The Institute of Urology and Reproductive Health of Sechenov University opens a scientific club called “The Pioneers”, which invites young medics, postgraduate students and students for participation. Invited guests of such meetings will be creators of new technologies in medicine.

Its mission is to give participants opportunity to look at their work and life goals a bit wider. It will be possible to discuss possibilities and difficulties of the medical profession, innovations in medicine, future career trajectories. The scientific club gives an opportunity of open discussions with those people who have managed to achieve really impressive results.

Dr. Dmitry Enikeev, Deputy Director of the Institute of Urology and Reproductive Health noted:

“The scientific club will help Sechenov University to become a world’s innovation center in accordance with the development strategy of the University. It is important for us to create favourable conditions for scientific youth group at Sechenov University. I mean not only to provide with the most advanced equipment, but also to create comfortable environment for professional growth.”

Professor Ralph Clayman (University of California, USA) will be the first invited expert of the scientific club meeting on October 9, 2018. He is founder of the top Journal of Endourology, creator of laparoscopic techniques for kidney removal and tumor resection, one of the founders of technique of endoscopic surgery for kidney stones. The registration for the club meeting can be proceeded online

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