Russian scientists will stand against the emergence of illegal drugs

| By | R&D, Sechenov University

Russian researchers will predict development of drug epidemic and will work on methods against emergence of any new drugs before they become illegal.

The Center for Bioanalytical Research and Molecular Design of Sechenov University in cooperation with the National Research Center for Psychiatrics and Narcology is creating a new scientific institution which will be engaged in this process.

Dr. Alexander Nosyrev, head of the Center for Bioanalytical Research and Molecular Design of Sechenov University, explained:

“Research will be mainly conducted at the Chemistry & Toxicology Laboratory of Sechenov University. They will analyze work of scientists around the world to identify those areas in pharmacology where new drugs may appear. They will also synthesize possible new compounds to study their effects and look for ways to deal with such substances.”

Dr. Vadim Tarasov, Director of the Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology of Sechenov University, noted that such institution would help in solving social problems, but also become an important platform for development new drugs.

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