Merck opens GMP BioReliance testing lab in Singapore

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Merck KGaA (Germany) announced the opening of a new 3,800-square-meter laboratory in Singapore. The new $20 million GMP BioReliance biosafety testing lab is the first of its kind in Singapore.

Merck’s BioReliance biosafety testing services portfolio delivers biosafety testing services to the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Merck’s M Lab Collaboration Center offers non-GMP lab space for training, hands-on demonstrations and process optimization, supported by Merck’s technical experts. Designed to recreate an actual manufacturing environment, the center in Singapore is the latest addition to Merck’s network of nine M Lab Collaboration Centers worldwide.

The flexible lab allows customers to recreate their specific processes for troubleshooting critical process issues without impacting their own production line. The center includes an upgraded suite of digital interactive applications for knowledge sharing and technical exploration.

SOURCE: merck kgaa
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