Mawi DNA Technologies presented its novel iSWAB-Cells

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Mawi DNA Technologies, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of innovative technologies for biosampling, announces the launch of iSWAB-Cells.

Designed to collect and stabilize intact cells for up to four weeks at room temperature, the sample collection system enables researchers to perform multiple OMICS analyses from the same sample. The iSWAB-Cells family of products includes the patented iSWAB noninvasive buccal cell collection system, as well as a standalone stabilization buffer for cells within different biological matrices, such as saliva.

For researchers to create a more comprehensive profile of human health and wellness versus disease, multiple analytes need to be included in the analytical mix, such as DNA, RNA, proteins and cell morphology. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of current sample collection practices, this means multiple samples need to be collected per person. This involves expensive cold chain logistics in both transport and storage, especially for samples received internationally. These shortcomings hinder sample accessibility, diversity and complexity, and thus research accuracy.

Mawi DNA Technologies remains focused on the development of innovative tools and solutions for the stabilization of biological samples for room temperature storage and transport to help accelerate scientific research towards better understanding of human health and wellness versus disease. The company welcomes iSWAB-Cells academic and industry partnerships.

Mawi DNA Technologies, founded in 2013, has developed and commercialized the iSWAB technology, an innovative system for collection of biosamples. The company’s flagship product iSWAB-DNA has gained significant market traction due to its ability to be used for animals and all human population segments from infants to the elderly, producing a robust DNA yield with low bacterial DNA content.

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