LineaRx will develop cancer vaccines aided by Italian biotech

| By | Cancer Drugs, Development of Vaccines

LineaRx, a subsidiary of Applied DNA Sciences, an American company that develops and employs unique technologies for counterfeit prevention, has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Takis SRL and Evvivax SLR. They will focus on developing anti-cancer vaccines.

Linear DNA is what comes out of PCR, which is distinct from plasmids grown in bacteria – plasmids are circular. Most gene therapies are based on plasmids, but they are also associated with the genes for antibiotic resistance, which can cause problems in gene therapy. LineaRx was formed to commercialize Applied DNA Sciences’ “experience in the design, manufacture and chemical modification of DNA by large-scale polymerase chain reaction in the field of biotherapeutics”.

Under the terms of the deal, LineaRx and Takis and Evvivax will work together to develop linear DNA expression vectors of two of cancer vaccine candidates. They will use LineaRx’s linear DNA technology.

Based in Rome (Italy), Takis SRL is focused on developing therapeutic cancer vaccines. EvviVax, a Takis spinoff company, specializes on engineered veterinary vectored immunotherapy and vaccines. The previous LineaRx and EviVax collaboration showed promise in mouse models.