IME Medical Electrospinning create a high-tec facility in the Netherlands

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IME Medical Electrospinning, a Dutch medical technology company, announced that its high-end laboratory and a brand new set of cleanrooms have become operational.

Located in Brainport Eindhoven tech cluster (The Netherlands), IME Medical Electrospinning focuses on developing and implementing electrospinning processes and equipment for the manufacturing of medical devices for (regenerative) medicine. Electrospinning is a flexible process for producing extremely thin fibres and structures that have excellent properties for use in regenerating human tissue.

Since the move to their new building in March this year, the company has been working unrelenting on realizing the laboratory with two new cleanrooms. From now on IME is able to not only develop and manufacture its top-end proprietary electrospinning machines, but to also produce the actual scaffolds for the intended medical implants for their customers. The cleanroom facilities will enable the production of Class I, II and III medical devices.

With the commissioning of these essential high-tech assets, IME sets the standard in the co-development and production of scalable and reproducible nanometer and micrometer fiber scaffolds that enable the industry to develop medical implants that support the human body to auto-repair tissue of for instance heart valves, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, skin and bone. IME Medical Electrospinning has developed a unique set of innovations in technology for the reproducible and scalable production of electro spun material under tightly controlled conditions required for the medtech market.

SOURCE: b3cnewswire
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