Canon Medical establishes a joint company with ACT Genomics

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Canon Medical System Corporation (Japan) completed the acquisition of the majority shares of ACTmed, a joint venture company established with ACT Genomics (ACTG), a Taiwanese molecular diagnostic company.

ACTG will transfer its clinical NGS technology to ACTmed, making ACTG the first Taiwanese biotech company to transfer technology to a major medical company in Japan.

ACTG will also help ACTmed to operate cancer genomic profiling service in Japan and become the provider for analyzing the sequencing data generated by ACTmed. Through this partnership, ACTG and Canon Medical will utilize caner genomic testing to provide cancer treatment selection and disease monitoring with better precision.

Founded in 2014, ACTG is the Asia leading DNA cancer solution providers and transforms science into actionable solutions empowering clinicians and patients with evidence-based information to fight cancer. Its flagship NGS panel, ACTOnco, investigates 440 cancer-related genes by incorporating a signaling pathway design. ACTOnco provides optimal treatment suggestion to clinicians, including targeted therapies, hormonal therapies, chemotherapies, and immunotherapies, for all solid tumor types. Currently, ACTG operates in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Canon Medical Systems Corporation develops medical diagnostic imaging systems and medical solutions. It offers angiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, X-ray, nuclear medicine, and healthcare imaging informatics systems; and RF amplifier components.

SOURCE: prnewswire
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