Wasdell Group will open a new packaging facility in Ireland

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The Wasdell Group, a British leading outsourcing partner to companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical trials industries, is opening a new facility in Dundalk, Ireland in Spring 2019 following a €30million invesment.

The new facility will allow Wasdell to offer quality control (QC) import testing for pharmaceutical products, as well as a variety of current and novel packaging technologies. It will also boost its storage and distribution services outside of the UK.

The facility will also futureproof the company’s operations in the event of a hard Brexit when the UK exits the European Union (EU) in March 2019. By giving Wasdell a foothold in Ireland, it will be able to carry out EU release testing ensuring contiuous supply for customers regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations.The Dundalk facility is the latest phase in Wasell’s investment plan to increase capability and capacity and follows the  announcement of its new microbological and analytical laboratory at its Newcastle, UK, site.

Building work on the site, which is expected to fully operational by spring 2019, began in August 2018. The Wasdell Group is also planning to build an additional facility close to the Dundalk site to expand its distribution offering.

SOURCE: bio-itworld.com
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