Uzbekistan prepared its concept of pharma industry development

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The Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry has prepared a draft Concept for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Uzbekistan for 2018-2022.

The main objectives of the Concept are:

  • increase the availability of the locally produced medicines and medical products included in the list of socially important pharmaceutical products for population and health institutions;
  • development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry by ensuring the compliance of organizations and enterprises with the requirements of standards harmonized with international requirements for the development and production of medicines;
  • establishment of state centers for preclinical and clinical research, as well as laboratories in accordance with the international GCP and GLP standards;
  • protection of the domestic market from unfair competition and leveling market access conditions for domestic and foreign producers;
  • technical re-equipment of the pharmaceutical industry;
  • encourage setting-up production of import-substituting drugs;
  • development and approval of the State Pharmacopoeia of Uzbekistan, harmonized with international pharmacopoeias;
  • education and training of specialists for the development and production of pharmaceutical products in accordance with international standards.

The draft Concept identifies five main areas of activity for the development of pharmaceutics in Uzbekistan.

Due to the peculiarities of its geographic location, Uzbekistan represents a promising base for the production of substances and finished medicines from plants, inorganic and mineral raw materials; radiopharmaceuticals; medical devices.