The Genetic Technologies Center can become a technological pipeline for new drugs

| By | Drug Development, R&D

The Institute of Cytology and Genetics (IC&G, Novosibirsk) has prepared a project for establishing a competence center “Genetic Technologies” (GTC) by 2026, said Director of the Institute of Ecology and Genetics of SB RAS, Academician Nikolai Kolchanov.

The GTC will be a “technological pipeline” for the implementation of a full cycle of projects for the development of new medicines: pharmacology, drug testing using cell cultures, preclinical studies in laboratory animals, clinical trials and the compilation of a dossier for the registration of a medicinal product, according to Mr. Kolchanov.

The estimated cost of the project is 21 billion rubles; the implementation period is 2019-2026.

The GTC is positioned as an open research space accessible in the collective mode for research institutes, universities and companies for conducting a wide range of research and development using high technologies of modern genetics.

“The localization of the center in Krasnoobsk will strengthen its interaction with the Siberian Federal Scientific Center of of Agro-BioTechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences,” commented Nikolai Kolchanov. “In the territory of the Akademgorodok, it is planned to build a second stage of the vivarium for the full-cycle projects in medicine and pharmacology. The program of the Genetic Technologies Center declares creation of up to 300-400 new genetic models of human pathology in laboratory animals in order to ensure Russia’s technological independence for pharmaceutical research in these positions.”