Sanofi’s pharma plant in the Pyrenees will resume some operations

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A month after being shut down over toxic pollution, Sanofi’s drug manufacturing plant in the Pyrenees has been authorised to resume certain operations starting mid-August.

The Mourenx factory was temporarily shut down in July after it was reported that its bromopropane waste was a whopping 190,000 times the level deemed safe by health professionals.Residents and environmental groups filed a complaint against Sanofi in July for endangerment and improper disposal of toxic waste.

In a statement, authorities in the Pyrenees-Atlantique region said that French pharmaceutical company Sanofi had installed new equipment at its Mourenx factory to adequately treat its chemical waste.

After testing the new equipment, officials said the factory’s waste disposal – particularly in regards to the chemicals bromopropane, sodium valproate and ammonia – “conformed to regulatory standards”.

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