Russia and Belarus will develop innovative equipment for express diagnostics

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The new complexes will allow doctors to get the results of required tests instantly – even on the operating table or in the office of a paramedic.

“In fact, we are talking about the security of the country,” explains Marina Girina, President of the NP Cluster of Medical, Environmental Instrumentation Engineering and Biotechnology. “The market of laboratory equipment in Russia and Belarus is monopolized, we cannot even use third-party consumables. However, what would happen, if one day we face deliveries block? The solution is a transition to own developments:  molecular test systems, biomarkers, silicon microchips for luminescent analysis, biochemical buffers. New devices are supposed to be very compact, no need in consumables like tubes, disposable needles and so on, and the result of the analysis can be printed out or sent directly to the doctor’s computer.”

“Both Russian and Belarusian participants join this project with their own developments and in the process of work we will bring them to mass production,” continues Marina Girina. “Russian side provides 65% of the required project financing with Belarusian side contribution 35%. “

The development of documentation took three years. The main partner of the project on the Russian side is the Institute of Influenza, and the Belarusian side is represented by the Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.