Rosatom suggests to develop Russian radiopharmaceutical based on Yttrium-90

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Specialists of the Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE, Obninsk, part of the scientific division of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation) together with colleagues from the A.Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center suggest developing the first Russian radiopharmaceutical based on the radioactive isotope Yttrium-90 for the treatment of cancer, so-called non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas (lymphosarcoma).

Today German Zevalin is the only one approved drug product of this type in the world.  However, it is rarely used in the therapeutic practice in Russia: the treatment course costs 14.3-25 thousand euros and is not covered by quotas of the Ministry of Health.

Zevalin solution must be prepared for administration according to a specific technology in the clinic, in a specially equipped room. These rooms are very expensive. IPPE intends to develop a product that will be delivered to the clinic completely ready for use.

This development was included in the number of projects submitted to the competition organized by the Rosatom Innovation Management Unit for so-called advance projects, which further can be included in Rosatom’s long-term plan for R&D work and receive financing. The result of the advance project should be terms of reference for a larger study.