Regen BioPharma reported about molecule screening success

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Regen BioPharma (La Mesa, California, USA) has identified a series of small molecule drugs that inhibit NR2F6. Regen’s screening process demonstrated that its recently identified novel chemical compounds appear to inhibit NR2F6 and show potential for treating autoimmune diseases such as Lupus.

The NR2F6 nuclear receptor has been identified as a potentially very important immune cell inhibitor (an immune checkpoint) which may be important in developing therapies for treating autoimmune diseases like Lupus. Therapies that manipulate NR2F6 show potential to act as a cancer stem cell differentiators, potentially transforming cancer stem cells into normal cells.

The NR2F6 program at Regen aims to identify antagonists of NR2F6 in an effort to unleash the cancer-killing potential of a patient’s own immune system as well as identifying agonists which should suppress the immune system in diseases where the immune system is over-activated, such as autoimmunity.

Regen BioPharma is a publicly traded biotechnology company. The Company is focused on the immunology and immunotherapy space as well as on rapidly advancing novel technologies through pre-clinical and Phase I/ II clinical trials. Currently, Regen BioPharma works on small molecule therapies for treating cancer and autoimmune disorders.

SOURCE: prnewswire
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