Nacimbio expands R&D center for the development of substances

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Increasing the production of medicines from its own substances is the medium term strategic goal of the Joint Stock Company Kurgan Society of Medical Preparations and Products Synthesis (part of Marathon Pharma and Nacimbio).

To achieve this goal Synthesis invests in the development of its own R&D center. In July, a laboratory complex of lyophilic and spray-drying was launched, designed to test the production of domestic substances, in particular, to increase the effectiveness of production technologies for substances for a number of antibiotics – ampicillin, cefazolin, sulbactam, amikacin, kanamycin.

The new laboratory is a reduced copy of the shop producing tons of substances at the Synthesis Plant. Previously, the development of a new industrial-scale technological process took from six to twelve months, laboratory facilities would shorten the start-up period by three to four times and speed-up growth of the substances production both for the production of own medicinal products and for sale to external counterparts. The new laboratory allows to experiment even with 1 gram of substance in order to obtain compounds and optimize the production of substances.

It’s worth reminding that today OJSC Synthesis releases a number of substances of its own production, for example, Chondroitin sulfate used in the manufacturing of drugs for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system disorders. Thanks to the development of its own R&D center, Synthesis plans significantly expand the plant’s full-cycle medicines portfolio and to double the share of such products by 2025.

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