Komi Scientific Center researchers obtained “Dibornol” pharma substance

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Pharmaceutical substance Dibornol obtained by scientists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and based on it the researchers intend to develop a drug for patients with circulatory disorders, according to Professor Alexander Kuchin, Head of the scientific group, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“We obtained an innovative pharmaceutical substance Dibornol, which possesses antioxidant, hemorheological, antithrombogenic, neuroprotective and retinoprotective activities (improves blood properties), increases cerebral blood flow for effective treatment of patients with chronic circulatory disorders. A full cycle of preclinical trials was performed in cooperation with the Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine in Tomsk. The drug has no counterparts in the world pharmaceutical market in terms of the complex of useful properties”, commented the scientist .

According to the scientist, Dibornol is a semi-synthetic drug obtained from natural raw materials – from the components of turpentine. Its effectiveness was proved in joint experiments with biologists of the Institute of Biology of the Komi SC and pharmacologists from Tomsk. The name Dibornol was granted trademark protection. In addition, a whole series of patents has been obtained, about 30 of them being granted for its properties.
Dibornol development took more than 10 years, including about three years of pre-clinical trials.