Kazakh suppliers sidestepped Belarusian colleagues on the Russian pharma market

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During the period January-June 2018, medicines produced in the territory of the EAEC countries were imported to Russia for a total of 5.9 billion rubles (in wholesale prices, including VAT).

Year-over-year dynamics of theindicator calculated in rubles exceeded + 11%. Natural growth rates of supplies for the first 6 months remain in the red (-4.3%). In total, 99.7 million drug packs were imported during the period.

The growth in the minimal dosage units (MDU) comparing to the previous year is recorded at + 5%.  Since the beginning of the year, 112 trade names have been imported to the country, compared with the same period in 2017, the list was replenished by 12 positions. It is worth mentioning that Ciprofloxacin (Kelun-Kazpharm) supply has increased by 191 times (in rubles) for the year. The TOP-20 trademarks leading in terms of the monetary volume of imports include three drugs that were not imported to Russia a year ago: Docetaxel (Kelun-Kazpharm), Next Uno Express (Pharmstandard) and Cefepime (Pharmgid).

Belarus remains the absolute leader in the share of drug imports from the EEA countries (70%). Corporations Pharmland and Pharmsintez demonstrated the best dynamics for the last 6 months; their deliveries grew by 25 and 9 times, respectively, in monetary terms. By the way, the latter imports only one antitumor agent Fludarabel from Belarus to Russia. The second place in the market belongs to Kazakhstan (29%) with the maximum growth in the company Kelun-Kazpharm, the volume of imports increased almost 8 times.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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