CivaTech Oncology developed novel bio-absorbable radiation treatment

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Physicians are now able to successfully implant a new bio-absorbable, internal radiation treatment known as CivaSheet® to treat a patient with recurrent lung cancer.

In March 2018, a team of US experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) completed the procedure. A post-operative dosimetry study showed the radiation was effectively delivered in a simple surgical procedure that can effectively provide an ideal dose directly to the surgical margin in a one-time therapy. No complications or radiation related side effects have been reported. MSK physicians performed a second lung implant using a CivaSheet last week.

Designed and manufactured by Civatech Oncology, CivaSheet is a flexible, implantable intra-operative radiation therapy device (brachytherapy), which emits unidirectional radiation by integrating gold shielding into the CivaSheet. The unidirectional property makes the device active on one side to provide a homogenous radiation dose. This is entirely unique to CivaSheet. Physicians can now safely deliver aggressive radiation doses immediately adjacent to healthy, sensitive tissue. Radiation is delivered as the isotope naturally decays over the course of several weeks – no repeated hospital trips are needed for radiation therapy. No follow-up procedure is necessary to remove the device.

The implantation of CivaSheet occurs following a tumor resection from the lung. In a 15-minute operating room procedure, the surgical team cuts the CivaSheet to fit and affixes it to the area they want to treat. CivaSheet delivers a highly-targeted radiation dose to the immediate area where residual cancer cells potentially remain.

CivaSheet has broad FDA clearance to include lung cancer and many other malignancies. A NIH/NCI Fast-Track grant award, value of up to $2.3M, is in place to fund a multi-institutional research protocol to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the CivaSheet when used to treat lung cancer.

CivaTech Oncology, a corporation located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (USA), was founded in 2006. CivaTech Oncology offers cancer patients radiation therapy treatment options that minimize distress and inconvenience, maximize quality of life and improve life expectancy. The Company developed and is commercializing innovative polymer-based low-dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy devices, pioneering a new standard of care in treatment of various stages of cancer.

SOURCE: civatech oncology
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