Chechnya to start production of medical supplies by the end of the year

| By | Medical Devices Manufacturing

The facility for the production of consumables for laboratory tests and minimally invasive surgical interventions, in particular coronary stents, will be put into operation in Chechnya by the end of the year. Elkhan Suleymanov, Minister of Health of the republic, announced this.

“As part of the next phase of the project on the construction of the plant for the production of consumables for laboratory research and minimally invasive surgery interventions, today I met with representatives of the investor company. Together we inspected the premises allocated for the launch of production. By the end of the year the plant will already start producing these products”, the Head of the Ministry said.

According to him, the devices manufactured in Grozny will be used for patients not only in Russian regions, but also in neighboring countries.

“Project implementation with observance of technological cycles is progressing according to the plan. Very soon, installation of equipment will start here. In the near future, a group of specialists from the Chechen Republic will visit Spain for training at the production sites of the company iVascular,” Suleymanov said.