Borisov Pharmaceutical Plant exports more than 50% of its products

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The Borisov Pharmaceutical Plant (Belarus) produces 280 different medicines, out of them 84 are available on the Russian market, according to Vitaliy Deresh, General Director of the enterprise.

Vitaly Deresh stressed that more than 50% of the plant’s production is exported abroad. The products are delivered to the CIS countries, the Baltic States, as well as to Afghanistan, Georgia, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, North Korea, Lebanon, Macedonia, Somalia and the USA.

Nevertheless, the Russian market is the major one for the plant, as 66% of all exported products go to the fraternal country.

“Despite the tough competition our products are present on the Russian market. Thanks to a competent marketing and pricing policy, we successfully compete with Russian manufacturers.  Owing to the quality of medicines, customers trust Belarusian products. Today, 84 drugs are registered in the Russian market, and all of them are in demand,” commented Mr. Deresh.

In 2018, the plant management plans to export medicines worth $66.6 million, in 2017 the enterprise earned $64.6 million due to export. Every year the plant starts production of 12-16 completely new drugs.

Each year, this manufacturing facility produces more than 5 billion tablets, 400 million injection solutions in ampoules, 200 million capsules, 50 million antibiotics in the form of sterile powders, 13 million tubes of ointments and gels, and 10 million bottles of infusions and alcohol solutions.