Blueberry Therapeutics obtains funding to develop nanomedicines

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Blueberry Therapeutics (Alderley Park, UK), a drug discovery and development company focused on developing innovative nanomedicines for difficult to treat skin and nail infections, announced that it has successfully completed its £10 million (approximately 11,2 million) Series B Fundraising with investment from China Medical Venture Investment Limited.

Blueberry Therapeutics will use the net proceeds to fund its development programme for BB2603 for the treatment of onychomycosis and tinea pedis, as well as progressing its earlier stage acne, topical analgesia and atopic dermatitis programmes.

The company’s vision is to discover, develop and bring to market high value nanomedicines that will overcome existing efficacy, tolerability and safety profile concerns and positively impact on treatment outcomes. Blueberry Therapeutics has a number of pipeline nano-formulated treatments focussing on skin and nail infections where there is a significant clinical need for treatments with improved efficacy, safety, tolerability and patient compliance.

BB2603 (terbinafine-nano) is Blueberry Therapeutics’ lead development drug candidate and will complete a Phase II dose finding study as we approach Phase III clinical development in the US and EU for the treatment of onychomycosis. BB2603 is a novel topical nanoformulation of the established antifungal terbinafine, delivered as a hand pump spray.

Using nanotechnology, BB2603 is designed to greatly enhance delivery of terbinafine to target fungal infection under the nail. BB2603 aims to demonstrate equivalent efficacy and treatment duration but at a dose which is several thousand-fold lower than documented for oral terbinafine, thereby potentially avoiding the systemic side effects and patient monitoring requirements of oral terbinafine.

Created in 2011, Blueberry Therapeutics (UK) is focused on developing innovative nanomedicines for difficult to treat skin and nail infections. The company is using its state of the art nano-formulation technology to develop high value medicines where a reduced dose and improved drug delivery is needed, to overcome existing tolerability and safety profile concerns.