Albumedix announced collaboration with Novartis

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Novartis and Albumedix have entered into an agreement to evaluate the development of several first-in-class therapeutics using Albumedix’s Veltis® technology platform and associated technologies.

Novartis will evaluate molecules in combination with Albumedix´s engineered albumin variants for enhanced delivery. Beyond the modulation of pharmacokinetic profiles, the potential for novel routes of administration and mechanisms of action will be assessed. Novartis will evaluate Albumedix’s Veltis technology across multiple therapeutic areas and against multiple targets.

Veltis is a unique drug delivery technology platform based around Albumedix’s engineered human albumin variants. The technology offers great potential for the development of novel therapies with tailored delivery and improved therapeutic performance. Based on ground-breaking science, Veltis displays an unprecedented affinity for albumin’s natural receptor, the Neonatal Fc Receptor (FcRn); opening the possibility for monthly dosing as well as novel delivery and targeting mechanisms.

Headquartered in Nottingham (UK), Albumedix is a science-driven, biotechnology company focused on developing superior biopharmaceuticals utilizing our albumin-based drug enhancing technologies.

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