The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan will reform drug provision

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In 2018, 914.6 billion soʻm (Uzbek currency) will be allocated to ensure the procurement of medicinal products and medical devices for state medical institutions in Uzbekistan, which is 2.5 times more than in 2017.

Today, there are 152 pharmaceutical enterprises in Uzbekistan. They manufacture about 2500 medicinal products that are widely used in the medical practice across Uzbekistan. In addition, the favorable conditions created for foreign investors lead to increase in share of direct investments. Currently, foreign investors are involved in the implementation of 9 investment projects worth 123.9 million dollars. This includes 87.32 million dollars of direct foreign investments. These investments come mostly from China, India, Germany, UK, and Turkey.

At this point, Uzbekistan registered several free economic zones, including Nukus-Parm, Zomin-Pharm, Kosonsoy-Pharm, Sirdaryo-Pharm, Boysun-Parm, Bustonlik-Pharm, and Parkent-Pharm. They were established to implement projects in the area of medicinal plant cultivation and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

30 projects worth 1361.1 billion sums will be implemented in these free economic zones, and 1903 new jobs are expected. Major projects in Sirdaryo free economic zone include manufacturing of pharmaceutical glassware launched by Sirdaryo Universal Oyna and manufacturing of medical disposable vials implemented by Pharma Plast Holding.

August 1, 2018, will be marked by enactment on new procedure for recognition of state registration of medicines, including medicinal substances and medicinal products, that was performed in the states with high regulatory requirements. This will remove unnecessary hurdles in the system of state registration of medicines.