Sotex PharmFirm launched production of pre-filled syringes

| By | Medical Devices Manufacturing, Protek, Sotex

The benefits of this pharmaceutical form include ease of use, accurate labeling and dosing and, as a result, reduced risk of medical errors.

“The number of drugs sold in pre-filled syringes is still small. But global trends show that it is beginning to grow. If the drug itself is expensive, the share of syringe cost in the ex-works price is relatively small. When the drug is not very expensive, the share of syringe cost in the price begins to rise. When Russia will increase the manufacturing of syringes and health care system will turn towards safety issues, most of the drugs, in our opinion, will be produced in pre-filled syringes,” explained Vadim Yatsuk, General Director of Sotex PharmFirm CJSC.

Sotex PharmFirm is part of PROTEK Group, which is engaged in manufacturing of medicines, as well as in wholesale and retail sales of pharmaceuticals. Sotex is a high-tech company. It is one of the first in Russia, that was built in accordance with the GMP requirements, the European rules for organizing the manufacturing and quality control of medicinal products. PROTEK Group exports its products to 13 countries within and outside CIS.

The official ceremony marking the opening of a new shop for manufacturing pre-filled syringes was attended by Sergievo-Posadsky District authorities.

“We helped with the allocation of additional land plots and hope that this enterprise will remain here forever. Future plans include further development of production facility,” said Sergey Tostanovsky, First Deputy Head of Sergievo-Posadsky District Administration.