Sanofi and REVOLUTION Medicines entered an exclusive worldwide partnership

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Sanofi and REVOLUTION Medicines announced an exclusive worldwide partnership to develop and commercialize targeted therapies, based on the biology of the cellular enzyme SHP2, for patients with non-small lung cancer and other types of cancer carrying certain mutations.

This collaboration builds on precision oncology discoveries by REVOLUTION Medicines and preclinical development of RMC-4630, the company’s lead small molecule inhibitor of SHP2, and will apply Sanofi’s expertise in oncology research and drug development.

In the collaboration, the companies will jointly develop SHP2 inhibitors, which are designed to reduce cell growth signaling that is overactive in cancer. Both parties will contribute to the research and development program, with REVOLUTION Medicines continuing to lead research and early clinical development, and Sanofi leading later development activities for the program. The companies expect to begin first-in-human clinical trials with RMC-4630 in the second half of 2018.

REVOLUTION Medicines will receive an upfront fee of $50 million, and Sanofi will cover R&D costs for the joint SHP2 program.

SHP2 (PTPN11), a cellular enzyme in the protein tyrosine phosphatase family, plays an important role in multiple forms of cancer and in regulating the immune system. Recently REVOLUTION Medicines reported discoveries about the regulation by SHP2 of a cell growth signaling pathway, known as the RAS-MAP kinase pathway, that frequently is hyperactive in human cancers. The research revealed that some mutated forms of proteins in the RAS-MAP kinase pathway depend on SHP2 for their oncogenic activity, and that small molecule inhibitors of SHP2 designed by the company can reduce their tumorigenic effects.

REVOLUTION Medicines is a a private company, headquartered in Redwood City, California (USA). The company’s mission is to discover and develop new drugs directed toward frontier oncology targets. REVOLUTION Medicines brings together deep talent in cancer biology and small molecule drug discovery supported by advanced chemical synthesis, computational and assay technologies to master these targets.

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