Russia will introduce immunization against pneumococcal disease

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Vaccination of adults over 55 years old against pneumococcal disease will be included in the National Immunization Schedule in 2020, said Dmitry Morozov, the Head of the Health Protection Committee at the State Duma.

“We are talking about expanding the National Immunization Schedule. From 2020, the plans provide for vaccination of men and women over 55 against pneumococcal disease, which is the main cause of pneumonia in elderly people,” said Mr. Morozov.

In November 2017, Russian Deputy Minister of Health Sergey Kraevoy said that his Ministry was planning to include the vaccination against rotavirus infection and varicella in the National Immunization Schedule from 2020.

Currently, the National Immunization Schedule includes vaccination against 13 infections, such as hepatitis B; hemophilus, meningococcal and pneumococcal infections; influenza; diphtheria; pertussis; measles; rubella; polio; tetanus; tuberculosis; and epidemic parotitis.